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3Q Tablet PC Q-Pad Packaging System

The design brief here was that the company didn't just want a cool packaging design for their tablets – they needed a system that could work for all their different models without a ton of hassle. Each tablet they made had various features and sizes, so the packaging had to be adaptable without a bunch of customizations.

Our genius plan? Instead of printing all the nitty-gritty details directly onto the packaging, we went for customizable sleeves. That way, we could keep the main packaging the same across the board and just switch out the sleeves to fit each specific tablet. We didn't stop at just the sleeves, we also whipped up a special icon system to make life easier for customers. You know how it is – sometimes all that tech jargon can be overwhelming. So, we created these handy icons that quickly show off each tablet's key features. Makes it a breeze for customers to pick out exactly what they need without getting lost in the details. This packaging – saved time, saved money, and kept everything looking sleek and consistent.


  • Developing a packaging system

  • Designing special icons for the tablet features

  • Designing new wallpapers to be used on the tablets as well

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