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Bayshore Pacific Hospitality - VIP Membership Program

As the Marketing Program Manager for BPH, my responsibilities extended to developing a brand design for the VIP membership program covering TGIF, Texas Roadhouse, Amaroni's, and Dan Ryan's across various regions in Asia. In addition to this, I oversaw a wide array of projects including marketing initiatives, customer relationship management services, data reporting, PowerPoint presentations, and in-house marketing materials.

Now, let's talk about that membership program. The challenge was to design something that blended seamlessly with each brand but also allowed for some customization for targeting customers. Throughout the whole process, I made sure to stick to the brand standards, keeping everything nice and consistent across all our marketing adventures. 


  • Creating graphic design materials and marketing strategies for the BPH VIP Membership Program‭ (‬TGIF, ‬Texas Roadhouse‭, ‬etc.‭)‬

  • Redesigning website and UI platforms for membership services

  • Developing cross-promotional partnerships with external/internal brands to enhance the BPH VIP Membership Program

  • Leveraging data analytics and market research to identify trends and opportunities VIP Membership Program

  • Coordinating with interdepartmental teams and international branches‭ (‬Taiwan‭, ‬Hong Kong‭, ‬etc‭.)‬

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