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Corsair Utility Engine Software - UI Design

Corsair isn't just about fancy gaming gear like mice and keyboards. They provide consumers with their Corsair Engine Utility software that's all about customizing your gear to perfection. With this app, you've got endless options – you can tweak everything from key presses to scrolling speed.

Even the lighting effects for their keyboards are next level. Think different schemes, pulsing lights, even flashing effects – you name it, this app can do it. And hey, it's not just about visuals; it's got your headset covered too, with an equalizer and presets to fine-tune your sound.

Now, when it came to designing the user interface, we had a concept: "Stealth Tech." I wanted something sleek and precise, you know, to match the high-tech vibe. But since the app packs in so many features, I intentionally kept the design clean and minimalist – no clutter allowed.


  • Creating a user interface design that not only fell in line with the company's brand but the consumer experience.

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