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EVGA Torq Logo Design

The EVGA TORQ gaming mouse was all about making waves in the gaming world with its top-notch features. We're talking about a Carbon Fiber surface, a laser sensor that goes up to 8200 DPI for those precision moves, an adjustable weight system, and a nine programmable buttons setup. Plus, it's got this cool sizing system that lets you tweak the height to fit your grip just right.

Now, when it came to designing the logo, it wasn't just about making it look slick for gamers. Nope, it had to shout out those awesome features too. Especially that height adjustment component – pretty neat, right? So, I took some inspiration from Transformers, you know, those cartoon robots that can morph into all sorts of cool stuff? I wanted the logo to capture that vibe of transformation, just like how this mouse can transform your gaming experience.


  • Logo design for a high-quality gaming product

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