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Ma Baker's Moonshine - White Lightening

The client was all about making their moonshine line look and feel like top-of-the-line. They were going for that whole luxurious, high-quality vibe, and something straight out of the 1920s combined with a classic American style. They decided to name it Ma Baker's Moonshine, blending the charm of 1920s gangster folklore and old-school opulence.

When it came to designing the label and packaging, I went for a more traditional font, but with a flair to keep it interesting. I added a thicker label with texture, as well as, a rich copper foil embossing that for sophistication and class. The copper is also a nod to the iconic copper pot stills. It's all about giving that moonshine a touch of old-school glam.


  • Creating packaging designs that enhance consumer experience.

  • Coordinate with photographer and art direct photoshoot for marketing materials.

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