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Redpoint Brewing Co. Taiwan

Redpoint: It's a rock climbing term all about mastering a climb and putting in the work until you nail it perfectly. Redpoint Brewing Co. took that same spirit and ran with it, becoming one of the first American-owned breweries right here on the island, Taiwan. Now, let's talk brews. Redpoint Brewing Company is the brainchild of two American brewers who've been soaking up the vibes of Taiwan and Asia for over 21 years combined. They figured, "hey, why not create fresh, locally-made American-style craft beer in Taiwan and the rest of Asia?"

The mission? To bring a taste of American beer culture to Asia, one delicious brew at a time. They wanted a fresh look that's approachable but also catches your eye. 

The plan? Taiwan's natural beauty - the landscapes, the critters - all mashed up with some good ol' American style. It's like blending the best of both worlds into one awesome design. Sound like a cool project or what?


  • Developing marketing strategies and concept designs

  • Creating packaging designs that enhance consumer experience‭ ‬and drive brand recognition

  • Designing In-house materials for both the brewery and taproom

  • Generating weekly social media content and website management

  • Assisting in brewery daily operations and production

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